7 Tips for a Well-Appointed Backyard Patio Space

A lot of people want to treat their backyard as an extension of their home, and why not? Backyard living is a great way to get some fresh air and experience the outdoors, all while never leaving the comforts of your home.
But the key here is to pay attention to the details so your patio space becomes well-appointed for year-round entertainment and functionality.  What does “well-appointed” mean? A well-appointed space is one that’s well thought-out and contains all the elements needed for people to use and enjoy it, without inconveniencing them in any way.
For a well-appointed patio, this requires you to create a space that includes:

  • Intuitive design: Keep everything as connected and flowing as possible in your backyard design so each area leads logically to the next. For example, add paths that connect areas of the yard.
  • Clutter-free access: No one wants to watch their step in making their way over to an outdoor chair or couch. Make sure your patio is neat, organized, and well-kept, especially before you host events.
  • Comfortable seating: Being outside is even more enjoyable when you have plush, attractive seating for your guests to use. Invest in some high-quality chairs, a couch, and possibly a loveseat and stools to indicate you’d like visitors to sit down, kick up their feet, and relax!
  • Tabletop usage: You and your guests will likely have drinks or food during events in your backyard patio, so make sure that all tabletop surfaces, including coffee tables and side tables, are easy to reach from most sitting locations. There’s no reason a guest should have to lean really far forward or walk over to a surface to put their drink down (this ties in to the idea of creating an intuitive space in the first place).
  • Appropriate temperatures: The time of year and weather greatly affect how you can enjoy your patio, so make sure you have sufficient heating or cooling solutions that you can use to affect the temperature on your patio space as needed. (Read our blog “How to Cool Your Patio for Summer Use and Enjoyment” for further advice on keeping the patio cool.)
  • Entertainment options: A patio is even more exciting a place to hang out if you have a spa or hot tub, TV, or fire pit/fireplace that people can enjoy. Decide what you and your guests would use most and include those items in your backyard living patio space.
  • Dining/food stations: Consider investing in a backyard kitchen or pizza oven if you plan to host larger food events in your backyard. Even if you’re not a cooking enthusiast, you can still keep a mini fridge and small sink space for everyone’s use.
  • Spa: A spa can be kept cool in the summer and warm in the fall, winter and spring. You will be amazed at how great the hydrotherapy will feel and how a few minutes each day can make a huge difference in you physical and mental well being.

Once all these elements are included, you’ll be sure to have a well-appointed patio that friends and family can’t wait to spend time in and enjoy all year round!
What’s one thing you can’t do without for your well-appointed patio?

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