Backyard Lighting for Ambience and Entertaining

As fun as a well-designed backyard is during the day, some of the best memories are made while hanging out and playing after the sun goes down, especially during these long summer days. In order to create an environment that is safe and enjoyable after dark though, you have to consider the right combination of lighting options. While you might be tempted to stick a couple of floodlights on your roof, Imagine Backyard Living explores a few simple and beautiful ways to strategically place creative lighting around the yard to create a truly inviting environment.
String Lighting
There is a range of great string lights available on the market. Gone are the days of cheesy chili-shaped Christmas lights being some of the only options out there. Now you can get very charmingly designed string lights that put off soft yellow-toned light to bring some warmth and style to your backyard. They are especially great when placed along the eaves of your house or crisscrossing an especially beautiful pathway in your garden.
Solar Powered Lights
Small solar powered lights on stakes are a great way to line paths to provide ground-level safety lighting. They are usually small and fairly unassuming so you tend to not notice the apparatus at nighttime and just the general glow that they provide along walkways. Solar powered light is also economical as they are constructed to withstand the elements and require no complicated wiring or electricity! Sustainability is key these days and solar lights are definitely environmentally friendly.
Sometimes good ole fashion firelight is the best way to light up a backyard, especially if you are trying to create a warm and welcoming mood. Large candles on elegant stands look great as a centerpiece for outdoor tables when you have a gathering of friends and family enjoying an outdoor summer meal. Be sure to be safe when using candlelight in your backyard though. It is always a good idea to have a small fire extinguisher handy for emergencies. Use candlelight in the backyard as a great way to teach your kids about fire safety as well!

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