Backyard Kitchens

Imagine Backyard Living has sourced the finest manufactures for grills, doors, drawers, smokers and more. We can custom build or you can choose from our fabulous pre-fabricated kitchens, fireplaces and grills from SunFire Grills and Primo Ceramic Grills. Stop by and see this exclusive product.


Primo Ceramic Grills produces the most versatile outdoor cookers in the world. Perfect for enhancing any outdoor lifestyle through the art of gourmet cooking, Primo Ceramic Grills boast a range of benefits from helping to hold in heat and the natural moisture of foods to yielding incredibly juicy meats and rich natural flavors. With a patented oval shape that delivers simultaneously direct and indirect cooking, at Imagine Backyard Living, we know you are sure to love the versatility and beautiful design.


As a company that combines high performance grilling with gorgeous design, a SunFire grill can complete your outdoor living space. With expert craftsmanship, horsepower, and an excellent price tag, each grill boasts interior and exterior lighting, flavor-enhancing ceramic flame-tamers, and heat separators for optimal control when grilling. Transform cooking in your backyard into an experience.