3 Best Poolside Workout Ideas To Help You Stay Healthy

To make the most of your summer, mix in some of these poolside workout routines into your long days of lounging and leisure by the pool.

They will help keep you toned and in shape and are a great way to break up the long naps, boring chapters in your poolside book club book, and other generally lazy poolside activities that you easily repeat.

1. Poolside Pushups

Pushups are one of those all-in-one exercises that are so simple yet bring so many benefits.

They are, at the same time, a cardiovascular exercise that will help get your heart rate up and running, and a stretching exercise that works to safely activate a range of muscle groups from your shoulders and abs to your glutes.

  • A proper pushup is done by placing your hands on the ground just below your shoulders and no more than shoulder-width apart.
  • You then tightly press your heels together, squeeze your glutes, and lower your chest, touching it slightly to the ground, before pushing back up into your plank position.

2. Flutter Kicks

This is a great poolside workout exercise, especially for those folks that might not feel comfortable in the lap lanes.

  • Just grab the edge of the pool, extend your body out flat and parallel to the surface of the water, and gently kick your feet like you would while doing the free stroke.
  • Try and keep your shoulders straight ahead and not rotating by bearing down on your ab muscles.
  • This is a great core and leg workout that you can do while chit-chatting with another pool goer.

3. Tricep Dips

Now, this is an exercise that can be fairly difficult while on dry land but in the pool, it becomes accessible to all who try it.

  • Begin by putting your back up against the edge of the pool, placing the palms of your hands on the side of the pool deck so that your arms are bent at a right angle at your elbow.
  • Then you lift yourself up, straightening your arms from the bent position, and repeat the up and down motion.
  • Water is a great supporter of a body’s weight and can make movements like these possible for most of us to accomplish.

When exercising in the pool, it is always a good idea to stick to waist-high water at the max and remember to drink plenty of water. Just because you are swimming does not mean you are not sweating and heat-related issues can sneak up on you.

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