There are a number of incredible health benefits that come with regular usage of a hot tub or swim spa. Your spa can help you to regain lost flexibility, soothe sore joints, reduce muscle tension, and even help to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Here are some of the other benefits:

Man experiencing the hot tub benefits of his Sundance Spa.


The best hot tub health benefits begin with relief from muscle tension. Enjoy relief from muscle tension and joint inflammation as the buoyancy experienced in a hydrotherapy spa helps to relax muscles and joints. Couple the water-induced buoyancy with gentle flexibility exercises, to see an even bigger result. A backyard hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind.

In fact, soaking in a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub before going to bed can leave you feeling well rested and more focused for the next day. The soothing combination of warm water and gentle massage jets can help to alleviate both stress and anxiety.


Improve circulation and improve weight loss efforts by enjoying regular sessions in a high-quality indoor or backyard hot tub. The heat and bubbling water inside of a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Sundance® Spas system causes the body temperature to rise, dilating the blood vessels and aiding with blood circulation. While soaking in a hot tub alone may not burn many calories, performing exercises or engaging in water yoga can prove to be a great addition to just about any exercise regimen. We always recommend speaking with a physician before starting any new exercise regimen or workout.

Backyard hot tub health benefits in Scottsdale
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Spending time in a Hydropool Swim Spa can help to increase your range of motion, decreasing both joint pain and swelling. Enjoy temporary relief from rheumatoid arthritis or severe osteoarthritis by spending time in your backyard spa. Exercising in your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Sundance® Spas hot tub can offer a fun and engaging way to improve your muscle tone and practice physical exertion that will help to promote tension release and reduce muscle tightness. Use light weight dumbbells or water weights for the best results! The ease of discomfort on painful joints is guaranteed to bring a more complete range of motion.


The symptoms of chronic or lower back pain can be reduced dramatically through hydrotherapy treatments. Allow the massage jets to release tension and work out the kinks and knots, while kneading the toxins from your muscle fibres. Place your feet directly in front of the water jets, for a relaxing reflexology massage. Since the feet contain nerve endings, stimulating pressure points can help to improve your overall mood and well-being. Experience immediate relief from aches and pains, after minutes in a hot tub or swim spa!

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Woman and man soaking in Sundance Spa for the hot tub health benefits.


A long soak in a hot tub or swim spa can also lead a more restful, deeper and longer periods of sleep. Reducing muscle tension, stress and angst, with hydrotherapy, makes you more likely to fall asleep without difficulty. Immerse your body in a warm spa to help alleviate swelling, as the pressure of the water kneads the blood vessels. Guaranteed, a good night’s sleep!


Get the ultimate spa ownership experience by choosing a high-quality swim spa or hot tub from Imagine Backyard Living in Scottsdale. Made from materials that are durable, and require minimal maintenance, these spas are designed to work for you, with quiet filtration systems, powerful and long-lasting pumps and stunning designs that are both ergonomically safe and pleasing to the eye.

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