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Wall Sensations

Imagine being able to change a dreary wall in your outdoor environment into a breathtaking piece of art that enhances your property. No more staring at cinderblocks or privacy fences, instead Imagine Backyard Living has a new partnership with Wall Sensations, an interior and exterior

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Imagine Backyard Living Hot Tub

Designing the Ideal Hot Tub Deck

When designing a deck, it is critical that you keep two questions in mind: Does this design complement and augment the rest of my backyard? Does this deck fulfill the best use of what I intend for my hot tub? The answers to these questions

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Jacuzzi hot tub installation with custom steps and waterfall mountain view

Forging Connections

“The benefits to personal wellness and health that accompany the experience of owning a hot tub can turn any size backyard into a personal retreat for true peace and recovery.” -David Ghiz, Founder of Imagine Backyard Living We are all about fostering connections with individuals,

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Preparing for Winter Garden Care

While this winter has been mild by comparison to other seasons, it is still important to be prepared for the eventual cold snap and what it can do to your beloved garden. Helping your garden plants survive below freezing nights can be a tedious affair

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Hot Tub & Swim Spa Truckload Sale

Its time for our semi-annual Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, Sundance® Spas & Hydropool Swim Spa Truckload Sale. These are always the biggest events of the years because we are able to offer special pricing on factory over stocks, customer cancelations and Red Tags.

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Sonoran Living

We wanted to take a moment and share a few other reasons why we are proud to call this great state home.

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Sundance Hot Tub Installation Imagine Backyard Living

Buying a Hot Tub: Being Fooled by a “Spa Show” Can Be Pretty Discouraging

Often you will see urgent advertising for a Spa Show or other misleading promotion from local dealers trying to give the impression they are having a ‘show’ featuring many dealers and brands. These are nothing more than misleading advertising tactics to make it seem like its something it is not. If a dealer would mislead you in their advertising, how else will they mislead you?

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