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Planning a Spring Fling Garden Party

The weather is nice, the days are longer, you have put a ton of work into your new backyard landscaping, and you now, all you need is an excuse to throw a party. Look no further than the season. Spring is an inspiration and great

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Outdoor Hot tub in an Orange coloured backyard

Yes, It’s Another Fake “AZ Spa Show”

How many times will a dealer represent there is an ‘AZ Spa Show This Weekend Only’ when it’s just them trying to fool you? Local dealers trying to give the impression they are having a ‘show’ featuring many dealers and brands is an ongoing, misrepresentation of

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Cleaning Out Those Perennial Garden Beds

The weather is turning and now is the time to start dreaming of your evenings outside by the pool. A stunning outdoor kitchen where you can whip up delicious gourmet meals with friends and family members while creating lasting memories is truly one of life’s

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Throwing a Spring Solstice Garden Party

The Spring Solstice is the one of two days a year that the sun finds its way directly above the equator. It’s a phenomenon that has elicited wonder in civilizations for ages, it is a day where sunlight perfectly equals darkness, and it is the

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Outdoor hot tub set up surrounded by trees

Don’t be fooled by fake “Spa Shows”

Often you will see urgent advertising for a Spa Show or other misleading promotion from local dealers trying to give the impression they are having a ‘show’ featuring many dealers and brands. These are nothing more than misleading advertising tactics to make it seem like its

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Achieving Better Sleep

After breathing, sleeping might be one of the most important biological functions in our lives. It serves a range of critical purposes from improving memory and increasing the ability to lose weight, as well as curbing stress and anxiety during your waking hours. With all

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Meditation and Hot Tubbing

Taking care of your health is important. Our team at Imagine Backyard Living is here to help you make the most of your wonderful outdoor oasis. That’s why we want to encourage you to get into hot tub meditation. Yes! You can combine these two

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