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Outdoor hot tub set up surrounded by trees

Don’t be fooled by fake “Spa Shows”

Often you will see urgent advertising for a Spa Show or other misleading promotion from local dealers trying to give the impression they are having a ‘show’ featuring many dealers and brands. These are nothing more than misleading advertising tactics to make it seem like its

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Achieving Better Sleep

After breathing, sleeping might be one of the most important biological functions in our lives. It serves a range of critical purposes from improving memory and increasing the ability to lose weight, as well as curbing stress and anxiety during your waking hours. With all

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Meditation and Hot Tubbing

Taking care of your health is important. Our team at Imagine Backyard Living is here to help you make the most of your wonderful outdoor oasis. That’s why we want to encourage you to get into hot tub meditation. Yes! You can combine these two

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How Hot Tub Stores Try to Confuse You

We aren’t huge fans of drawing parallels between buying a hot tub and buying a car but some of the tactics employed by sales people in both industries are meant to confuse rather than help consumers come to an informed decisions when making a significant

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Forging Connections

“The benefits to personal wellness and health that accompany the experience of owning a hot tub can turn any size backyard into a personal retreat for true peace and recovery.” -David Ghiz, Founder of Imagine Backyard Living We are all about fostering connections with individuals,

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The Benefits of Hot Tubbing in the Cold

Other than the sheer satisfaction that sitting in a hot tub surrounded by below freezing temperatures can bring to all involved, submersing oneself in warm water during cold weather can be a very relaxing and health inducing experience. Good for the Body The winter months

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Protecting Plants from Seasonal Freezes

Plants are an integral part of any backyard environment. They serve a number of important functions from being visual elements of a desired theme to simply providing shade. On a more natural level, they are also important parts of the urban landscape that provide food

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