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The Benefits of Swimming

At Imagine Backyard Living, we offer you new ways to experience your backyard. Whether you are looking to remove and upgrade your current pool to the ease of a swimspa or if the entire project is new, here are a few great reminders on the positive benefits swimming can have on any lifestyle.

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Fresh Air: The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

With advanced technology, it’s easy to get hooked on being indoors. At Imagine Backyard Living, we’d like to invite you to step outside into your own backyard oasis to reap the many benefits that fresh air can have on both your health and wellbeing.

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Outdoor Design Considerations

When thinking about your outdoor environment, at Imagine Backyard Living we like to give you the tools to dream without limitations. From beautiful outdoor kitchens to landscape design, we believe that your backyard space is an extension of your home.

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Xeriscaping, Desert Landscaping, and More

Xeriscaping is the art of landscaping and gardening with a reduced need for water. When it comes to pulling the natural beauty of the environment into your urban home landscape design, there are many different desert plants to consider. Imagine Backyard Living explores your options.

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The 411 on Jacuzzi® and Hydrotherapeutic Massage

There’s a reason why Jacuzzi® is a household name. With nearly 60 years of experience, Jacuzzi® has consistently provided innovative technologies with quality products to win a position aligned with integrity and experience outdoor living industry. At Imagine Backyard Living, we are proud of this very special partnership we have established with such an iconic and respected brand.

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Bring On the Relaxation!

Hot water may be key to help reducing the unhealthy ways you cope with what life throws your way. Build your quality of life by allowing yourself a healthy alternative to aid in healing and relaxation with the luxurious retreat of your own hot tub.

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How Hot Water Heals Your Body

Recently, new information about the benefits of spa ownership has come to light. Hot water immersion is becoming generally accepted as a new critical component to help heal aches and pains. Imagine Backyard Living explains how it works!

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Celebrating National Emotional Wellness Month

At Imagine Backyard Living, we’d like to take a moment and remind you how important it is to pay attention to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. During National Emotional Wellness Month, we’d like to remind you of a few healthy habits you can incorporate into your routine to help you handle stress and stay on the side of positivity no matter what.

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Hydropool in Detail

Dedicated to bringing the latest technology combined with environmental practices, Hydropool is one of the largest swim spa manufacturers in the world that specializes in design and innovation. Learn about the characteristics that make IBL proud to engage and promote with this exciting company.

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