Wall Sensations

Imagine being able to change a dreary wall in your outdoor environment into a breathtaking piece of art that enhances your property.

No more staring at cinderblocks or privacy fences, instead Imagine Backyard Living has a new partnership with Wall Sensations, an interior and exterior wall-covering company with the power to transform drab spaces into beautiful and inspiring places.

How It Works

Once you identify a space that you’d like to enhance, Wall Sensations will conduct a free consultation to discuss what you want to accomplish. Then, in the design process, you are able to select images or use a custom photograph to create mockups of images for the wall space under consideration.

Once approved, Wall Sensations will print according to location specs and will ship or install your new work within five to seven working days. After this step, the only thing left to do is to invite all of your friends and family over for a beautiful evening in your newly enhanced environment.


At Imagine Backyard Living, we consistently strive to bring our customers the best when it comes to top-notch outdoor specialty items. With partnerships with the finest hot tub and spa companies, outdoor furniture, backyard kitchen accessories, top-of-the-line fireplace and grills, and design, hardscape and landscape teams, we can help with it all.

This new venture with Wall Sensations presents an exciting, new capability to craft unique and relaxing spaces through unparalleled visual enhancement. Let the Imagine Backyard Living and Wall Sensations team help you feel like you are on an endless vacation by expressing your identity through a wall mural or covering!

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