Planning a Hot Tub Party for Cooler Weather

Just because the weather is about to take a turn, this does not mean you have to slow down your hot tub entertaining game. If anything, the invitation to a backyard party centered around a warm and welcoming hot tub becomes even more appealing. Here are some pointers for planning a fall hot tub party that your guests will enjoy.
Great food is a critical component to any social gathering. When you entertain a few of your closest friends in the fun and relaxing environment that your hot tub provides, it can be a challenge to decide on the right menu. In order to provide refreshments that are warm and easy to eat, consider lighting up a small grill and preparing kebabs or skewers of your favorite meats and veggies. Keeping the food handheld will also eliminate the need for plates. Serve with simple dipping sauces laid out in a buffet style and you are all set for a great night.
Two words: red wine. Go with something dry and bold like an Argentinian Malbec or a Spanish Tempranillo that enlivens the flavors of the grilled meat skewers or kebabs. Red wine is appropriate any time of year and can be served with a slight chill if the evening is not as cool as you expected it to be. Consider purchasing shatterproof stemless wine glasses to serve poolside drinks in!
If you don’t already have one, think about investing in a quality chimenea or above-ground fire pit that you can set up near the hot tub. Include comfortable seating and warm blankets so your guests can go from soaking in the warm tub to relaxing by the fire. S’mores would be a fun and nostalgic way to end the party. Use some of the same wooden skewers you bought for the main course and pass around plates of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Do this and watch a party full of adults revert to their childlike ways.
The reality is, if you send out an invite for a night of refreshments and socializing around a hot tub, you are sure to get plenty of takers. While there is likely nothing that you could serve that would turn people off, follow the above plan for a sure-fire success.

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