Key Outdoor Accessories

To outfit your outdoor living room, Imagine Backyard Living’s experiential showroom can deliver inspiration for selecting the right outdoor accessories for your unique space. Your exterior design decisions for your outdoor space are just as important as how you approach the interior of your home. Several key accessories we love at Imagine Backyard Living include:


With many diverse rug materials on the market, outdoor rugs add a coziness factor while conveying personal style. From jute to synthetic, rugs can warm up a space with texture and color and help unite the interior and exterior spaces on your property.


A good outdoor sound system is a must for anyone wanting to unwind outdoors. Listening to your favorite tunes on top of the sounds of a gentle waterfall create the right ambiance for you to unwind, relax, and have a good time.

Fans and Misting Systems

Great during the warmer months, outdoor fans and misting systems can circulate the air and cool off your outdoor environment to ensure maximum comfort.

Fireplaces or Pits

To expand the enjoyment of your exterior space all year long, a warm fireplace or fire pit contributes to a satisfying outdoor atmosphere. As a place to cozy up to, snuggle around, and enjoy the evening, a fireplace is a must-have for any great outdoor living room.


The right backyard patio or outdoor living room furniture can make your experience. From comfortable sofas to moveable table and chair set-ups, cultivating style and tailoring an aesthetic experience is a great way to deliver the mood and control the function of your outdoor space. Investing in a neutral palette that can be played up with additional accessories like pillows and throws is a fun way to shift seasons in your space.


Proper storage can help keep your outdoor space both organized and polished looking. A tidy outdoor closet or nook area can house necessary yard equipment and is an excellent place for guest towels and extra pillows.

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