How Hot Tub Stores Try to Confuse You – Beware Of These 3 Tactics

We aren’t huge fans of drawing parallels between buying a hot tub and buying a car but some of the tactics employed by salespeople in both industries are meant to confuse rather than help consumers come to an informed decision when making a significant investment.

If you are considering hitting the purchasing path this weekend and want some tips from one of the best showrooms in the country, take a look.

1. The Cabinet Confusion Close

This is when a salesperson focuses on all of the confusing elements of a hot tub that go on underneath the cabinet. Details like horsepower, pump size, insulation, and frame structure are all discussed at length and without any real context.

The objective in this tactic is to confuse the customer and get their focus on things that don’t impact the hydrotherapy experience, which is what you are buying.

If you find yourself getting backed into the Cabinet Confusion Close, don’t be afraid to just request that you talk to a different salesperson who might understand what you are looking for a little bit better.

2. The Eye Candy Close

This tactic is used when a salesperson is hocking a product with a ton of flashy features and no functionality. This plays out with an overblown description of what the 100+ jets in their “deluxe model” can do.

An effective hydrotherapy tub is not achieved with a high volume of jets, but rather with the perfect mix of air and water, the right jets designed to massage the trigger points and the ability to control the flow of water at the jet-this is what provides a completely relaxing and beneficial hydrotherapy experience.

3. The Dry Close

Any showroom that does not have a private area that allows you to test soak the product they offer in comfort is not that interested in selling. Instead, a showroom will try and get you to sit in a dry hot tub so that you can “see how super comfy the seats are.”

Unfortunately, the purpose of a hot tub is to relax in water so it is impossible to know if a model is good at this without turning on the hot tub. Most hot tub dealers really don’t want you to try it-they want to sell you on your emotions.

While this list is in no way comprehensive, it does inform you of some of the more commonly experienced confusion tactics employed by showrooms around the country. At Imagine Backyard Living, we offer you thoughtful and experiential shopping experience with private test soak rooms for Jacuzzi and Sundance.

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