The Anatomy of a Gas Grill – 8 Gas Grill Parts Explained

Adding a gas grill can complete just about any backyard living space.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a gas grill or you’re considering bringing one home this season, having a complete understanding of how they work can be essential to your future ownership endeavors and overall enjoyment.

In this article, we’re going to cover how gas grills work and review the anatomy of a gas grill in further detail.

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The Anatomy of a Gas Grill – 8 Gas Grill Parts Explained

To better understand how your gas grill works, the first step is to get a better idea of all the working parts.

That’s why we have broken down gas grills by their anatomy below!

1. Cooking Grates

The cooking grates are where your foot makes contact with the grill. This component is arguably the most used area and, as such, takes the most abuse.

The cooking grates are often made of high-grade stainless steel. It’s important that the cooking grates are well-made and durable, as they must endure the full heat from the burners.

Since they are used so frequently, it’s important that you clean them regularly. To do this, we suggest using a wooden grill scraper after each use to remove excess grease and food.

This will help to prevent a buildup of soot, which can lead to flare-ups while cooking flavorless food.

2. Burners

Arguably the most crucial component of any grill, the burners are often built with premium stainless steel or cast iron materials, allowing the gas inside and releasing heat through holes lining the top side. With all of this heat, heavy-duty manufacturing is required.

Otherwise, chances are that they will break down and need to be replaced often, as is the case in budget grills.

3. Barriers/Radiants

Barriers are an important part of your grill, as they provide the burners with protection and also help to distribute heat evenly.

They can help to minimize flare-ups and even extend the life of your grill by incinerating drippings away from your burner’s surface, so they don’t accumulate in one place.

They do need to be cleaned regularly, as many of the scrapings from the grill grates will fall on them and can impact their function.

4. Venturi Tubes

Venturi tubes deliver gas and air into burners, which helps to produce heat for grilling.

The burners need a lot of oxygen to provide all that heat, and the venturi tube system controls fuel flow by regulating the amount of flame produced by burning gases with oxygen during cooking time.

Regular maintenance and cleaning are important, as pests such as spiders can crawl into the tubes when inactive, along with wear from the elements.

5. Control Knobs

Grilling enthusiasts and beginners alike are often aware of the control knobs on a gas grill and how to use them.

The burner control knob is what you use to turn your fire up or down by adjusting the gas flow to the burners.

When a fire has broken out, these knobs can be used to stop access to the fuel source by turning them off.

For the overall safety of your grilling experience, it’s very important that you replace the control knob if it becomes damaged.

6. Igniters

The igniter or ignition system sparks a flame, making it easy for your fuel source to connect with the burners.

There are several types of ignition systems.

The most popular are piezo starters, which use a tiny spark to create a flame.

The other is a spark generator that uses a battery or electrical current to ignite the fuel.

7. Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge measures the temperature inside your grill, helping you take a better approach to grill your food safely and properly.

If you have not used one before, it’s helpful to watch this at all times for more precise cooking and meat preparation.

8. Grease Tray

Grease trays collect excess grease and food particles that fall through the grates and off the barriers during the grilling process.

Regularly empty and clean your grease tray to prevent overflow, corrosion, food contamination, and fire hazards.

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