Cool Weather Outdoor Activities to Enjoy this Winter

The trick to loving the winter is putting yourself in the elements. Embracing the cold and dry desert air is crucial to making it through the coldest time of the year or else you end up just bundled up indoors, not receiving enough sunlight, and spiraling into possible depression. We have made a list of excellent ideas that you can choose to employ to turn this winter into the best one yet.
The Phoenix/Scottsdale area has some of the most beautiful hiking in the state. If you are not accustomed to long walks, start out in your neighborhood and take progressively longer strolls each day. Work your way up to being able to handle a solid three mile hike and then venture out into one of the many beautiful outdoor sites for something a little more rugged. It is always a good idea to purchase a solid and high quality pair of hiking shoes and be sure to break them in on your neighborhood walks before taking them on the trail.
During the day, especially when the skies are completely clear, the sun can be powerful enough to warm up the ambient air to the point where a long bike ride would be more than tolerable and even enjoyable. If you are in the Phoenix area, head down to Tempe Town Lake and do a loop before enjoying some of the outdoor shopping and dining options that the nearby shopping center provides and make it a day.
The early winter is an especially great time to get into the garden. The air is brisk enough to make the work satisfying but it is warm enough to not freeze your fingers! The winter is also a great time to perform garden bed overhauls. Get in there and first remove any dead plant material and cut back any perennial shrubs that will come back next year. Then start prepping your soil for next year’s garden by mixing in some compost or other organic material to return some nutrients.
We had to throw this one in there because in our opinion, there is really nothing better that you could be doing 365 days a year then soaking in a hot tub. The cold winter air can make a warm soak all the more satisfying and it is an activity that will be sure to warm your body and your spirits.

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