3 Outdoor Spring Activities to Take Advantage of in Arizona

There exists a brief time of perfect weather in Arizona and that is the moment between winter and summer seasons. It hardly lasts long enough to be considered a full season, but it is a glorious reprieve nonetheless. Here are three ways to take full advantage of this much coveted time of year.
“What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive,” as Arnold Palmer put it best describing the joy of golf. Arizona is known for some of the nicest courses in the country. When it comes to the perfect combination of exercise and taking in the outdoors, there are few other games that do it this well.
Golf is a sport that can provide a high level of challenge for the young and the competitive-natured as well as a low impact means of physical fitness for the aging. Golf is increasingly becoming a more accessible pastime with a number of public courses open and at low rates across the Phoenix area.
Horseback Riding
It should not be forgotten that Arizona was once considered the wild west. It was made by men and women braving the hot and inhospitable terrain from the back of trusted steeds. For your next outdoor adventure, book a horseback riding excursion. Choose one of the many ranches or guided tour companies that offer everything from a day of trail riding to a weekend of living the horseback experience.
Hot Air Balloons
There are any number of peaks that can be climbed in the Phoenix area where a look at the vision the Sonoran landscape presents can be attained. If you really want the best view in though, there is no better way to get it than from the basket of a hot air balloon. Ballooning is a popular activity in the Phoenix area with a number of companies offering trips at any time of the day. Whether a sunrise brunch experience or a leisurely sunset cruise, get out and discover the joys of hot air ballooning.
Time is of the essence so go ahead and plan your next adventure. Before you know it, the intensity of the coming summer will make any outdoor activity next to unbearable.

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