Why You Should Want a Swim Spa

If you are currently in the market for a new pool or hot tub but are worried about things like space, cost, and whether you will use it, swim spas are the perfect alternative for you. They offer many of the benefits of a full-sized swimming pool along with the relaxing setting of a hot tub at a fraction of the cost and, maybe most important, you can use it every day of the year.

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If you’ve been considering a full-sized pool but lack the property, budget, or resources, a swim spa boasts excellent benefits while delivering a powerful punch. Here are the top reasons why a swim spa might make more sense for you:

  • Limited Space
    If your property is small, a regular pool may take up too much real estate thereby leaving your backyard cramped without the necessary space to entertain. A swim spa delivers the best of a full-sized pool in its ability to grant you space for exercise or cool off with a refreshing soak even in a limited space.
  • Simpler Installation
    A typical pool installation takes several months and creates havoc on your home life. Strangers in and out of your backyard unannounced at all times of the day. It’s like a bomb goes off in your backyard and no one cares. A swim spa installation, however, can be accomplished much quicker. The only prerequisite for installation is a solid foundation and an electric run. Hydropool swim spas can also be installed half-sunken into the ground for a beautiful recessed finish that allows for a beautiful, open deck area.
  • Safety
    Always a critical component in any outdoor project, swim spas offers easier options to ensure the safety of your space. From safety covers to locking mechanisms, swim spas are easier to protect against unwanted visitors including children, birds, pets, and more.
  • Maintenance
    Last but not least, maintenance and water chemistry are two other key factors that set the swim spa apart from a traditional swimming pool. While you still have to balance and disinfect your water, because of the reduced amount, you’ll need less expensive chemicals to complete the job. Hydropool is the only swim spa on the market that has a built-in self cleaning system so you rarely have to clean it yourself.

Talk to our team about how you can make the best decision for your backyard sanctuary. We can help you Imagine and design your project to accommodate your budget and unique property space!

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