Water Conservation for Hot Tub Owners

Hot tubs are already a well-known alternative to pools for homeowners that primarily crave a body of water in their backyard for rest and relaxation. Not only do they take up less space but they require much less time and resources for upkeep and maintenance. On top of that, they are more energy-efficient and water-wise than a large pool. Here are a few ways you can maximize water conservation as a hot tub owner:

Keep It Covered
It is critical to keep a hot tub covered when not in use to reduce the amount of water loss from evaporation that can take place. The new ProLast covers from Jacuzzi® are the most advanced, lightest weight covers on the market. Covers also have the added benefit of helping the water retain heat in colder months and therefore require less energy to keep at your desired temperature.

Stay on Top of Sanitation
Ultraviolet water purification is the most advanced water purification on the market for hot tubs and the ultimate way to keep your hot tub pure, clean, clear, and ready to use anytime you are.

Put the Water to Good Use
When you drain your spa, consider capturing that water either in rain barrels or a rain garden so that it can be used to irrigate your lawn or trees. Water purified by UV uses very few other chemicals so it’s a great way to conserve.

Owning a Jacuzzi® hot tub is a luxury that can be enjoyed responsibly. Consider incorporating these and other water conservation practices into your daily routine and be confident knowing that you are doing your part to help Arizona.

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