Top 5 Reasons to Get in Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are wonderful for a variety of reasons but one most commonly cited reason is versatility. As spas are small enough to fit onto almost any property size, they can be enjoyed year-round regardless of the weather. While we have never heard a bad reason to turn the jets on and relax, here are the top five excuses why you should take a hot soak tonight:

  1. Aches and Pains

Whether you just finished a half marathon, sat at a desk all day, or spent the afternoon in the garden, if your back is stiff, hot tubs are a well-known remedy to soothe aching muscles and joints. Hot water also provides the right amount of buoyancy and resistance to make stretching and other minor exercises easier on the body.

  1. Winding Down

The mental relaxation provided by a good soak is a great way to wind down the stresses of the day and prepare the body and the mind for a more restful and restorative sleep. Even a brief soak just before bed can help you start your sleep clock and be better prepared to begin the next day.

  1. Celebration

Hot tubs are therapeutic tools for the mind and the body and sometimes the mind and the body need to enjoy life! Whether it’s a new promotion at work or a spouse’s birthday, heating up the spa to enjoy some refreshing beverages and the company of friends and loved ones is as good of an excuse as any.

  1. Romance

Speaking of celebration, what is more romantic than a softly lit hot tub on a clear late summer, early fall night. Warm water relaxes the body and mind making for more open and intimate conversations with a loved one delivering the perfect atmosphere to connect.

  1. Stress Relief

Think of a hot tub as a treatment against stress and anxiety. Just as you would take an Advil to relieve a headache, soak in your hot tub at the first hint of stress or anxiety. Find your favorite hydrotherapy seat, tilt your head back, and close your eyes and watch whatever has your mind twisted into knots slowly give way to relief.

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