Therapy Spas to Treat What Ails You

Physical therapists have long incorporated Jacuzzi’s into a holistic pain relief and healing regimen. Warm, hydrotherapeutic water has the ability to soothe and help in the healing of everything from damaged joints and muscles to even burns, lesions, or amputations. Here are some of the most common hydrotherapy treatments using spas or hot tubs:

Arthritis Treatment
When someone suffering from arthritis sits in a Jacuzzi®, the warm water actually has the ability to dilate the blood vessels, sending more blood to the suffering joints and muscles. This in turn eases the tension around the connective tissue between joints, making it easier and less painful to perform other movements or exercises that are designed to develop additional supportive strength around those impacted parts of the body.

Sports Injury Treatment
When an injury is suffered, particularly by people who regularly participate in athletic activities, physical therapy serves the essential function of allowing them to get back to competition as quickly as possible without the use of pain dulling medication. While the benefits of warm water outlined above are also relevant to treating a sports injury, the pulsating movement provided by jets in a hot tub or spa is especially important to athletes. Jets have the ability to physically massage muscles and joints, helping them to become more flexible and susceptible to other physical treatments and exercises.

It is critical though when using hot tubs and spas as part of a physical therapy treatment, that the water is always maintained at impeccably clean levels. It is not uncommon that individuals undergoing physical therapy also have compromised immune systems that can be negatively impacted by exposure to spa water that is not adequately sanitized. This is especially true of spas or hot tubs in institutional locations where multiple individuals are using the facilities.

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