The Well Designed Approach

When it comes to designing your ideal outdoor environment, Imagine Backyard Living is here to help make your process unique and enjoyable. With established partnerships with several of the nation’s most respected pool and backyard living specialty retailers, at IBL, we believe in giving our customers the tools necessary to bring their dream spaces to fruition.
As with most things done well, a commonality that we believe is when creating an outdoor environment that echoes your lifestyle, it is important to take the time to articulate your wants and needs before making any purchases or breaking ground. Our one-of-a-kind showroom is the proof to the pudding in that we invite customers to come experience firsthand what our products look and feel like in order to further define their own desires for their own outdoor environments.
In our years of experience at Imagine Backyard Living, we have found that this well-designed approach is pivotal in terms of customer satisfaction. The opportunity to actually try out products grants insight that enables you to further define your wants and needs for your space.
Items to consider when it comes to articulating a backyard design are as follows:

  • Where are you pathways going to go? What walkways are necessary for people to get from point to point in your yard?
  • What about heating/cooling elements? This can range from a fireplace or pit to misting systems and fans.
  • How about seating options? Where do you envision a lounge area, an outdoor dining area, or a specific place for R&R?
  • Consider where the eye roams and how you will create visual interest and focal points. Landscaping is a great way to divide your space into sections that promote diversity and intrigue.
  • If you plan on cooking outdoors, what type of cooking do you prefer? Grilling, smoking, ceramic cooking, a pizza oven, some other method?
  • Shade is important and depending upon the direction of your house and yard, you will need to consider how the sun will fall. Some type of shaded area, either a covered patio, extended porch, pergola or gazebo can lend protection from the sun and other elements while enabling you to get the most use out of your space and provide a great way to customize your space.

One additional thing to consider to keep your outdoor area organized and uncluttered is storage. For pool chemicals, accessories, toys, and other garden and yard equipment, a strategic storage component is necessary to protect and preserve all of your necessities without encroaching on your sense of aesthetics.

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