The Importance of Connecting

It’s easy to get bogged down with the rat race that is life. With a never-ending to do list and shuffling errands back and forth, it is increasingly difficult to carve out time to connect with loved ones. Whether yourself, your kids, your spouse, other family members, friends, or neighbors, learning how to set aside precious time to connect is incredible important.
In fact, a lack of connection can have both negative physical and psychological consequences.
At Imagine Backyard Living, we strive to create beautiful outdoor environments that can help set the stage for spending quality time with those that are important to you. Take a moment to turn of the technology together, invite friends and family over and set about prioritizing forming solid connections and we bet you’ll feel not only more satisfied with life, but refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired.
A few fun ideas for bolstering these connections include:

  • Hosting Intimate Dinners
    Each month, pick two dates and put them on your calendar for a romantic poolside dinner. Set the stage by cleaning any outdoor furniture, turning on some light music, ordering take-out so it’s no hassle (or cook if you find the activity relaxing) and hid your smartphones. Invite your partner to an intimate dinner where you dine poolside and really forge a connection over meaningful conversation.
  • Pool Party
    Not that this one needs much of an explanation but we find that planning a big pool party is a great way to rally all members of the family. You can even theme it tikki night or safari night to get everyone enthused. Work together to send out an online invitation to family and friends and craft a special menu. Then sit back and enjoy one another as you swim, splash, grill and play in your very own backyard.
  • Movies from the Pool
    If you can’t turn away from technology, embrace it and show a special film while floating in your pool. Rent or buy a projector and hang a big white sheet to showcase the film on and get everyone involved in this unique take on movie night. You can even pop popcorn and have special movie treats to make the evening extra special. Just bonding together with an activity can help promote your relationships and nurture a feeling of togetherness.

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