The Front Yard

Your front yard plays an important role in forming impressions for people that pass by. As an integral portion of your home and what you first see when returning back to your house after a day out at work, running errands, or away on vacation, a well designed and executed front yard space can boost the appeal of your property while bringing you a sense of pride and ownership.
Often referred to as curb appeal or frontal aesthetic appeal, the junction of your personal property as a public space occurs in this unique area. To make the most of this space, here are a few tips for maintaining an appealing and functional front yard:

  • Look Objectively
    It can be difficult to disentangle the emotions you feel about your place of residence but try and take a look at your house and property objectively as a buyer would see your space. What do you notice first? How does your front yard sell beauty and comfort?
  • Well Cared For
    A well cared for yard contains well pruned trees and shrubs, mowed and fertilized green grass (if present), thoughtful lighting to aid in way finding, and design features highlighting the resident’s unique taste.
  • Debris
    Keeping your front yard clear of debris is not only neighborly but helps to maintain a polished and professional look. Removing dead plants and flowers, cutting back tree limbs, and pulling weeds are all important steps in developing and maintaining a respectable and pleasing front yard.
  • Making Changes
    If you are unhappy with how your current front yard looks, Imagine Backyard Living unites the best professionals in the industry to help you take care of your outdoor living needs. From hardscaping and landscaping to custom outdoor furnishings, Imagine Backyard Living has everything you need to bring your front yard up to speed.

The front yard is a great place to create a warm and desirable impression on anyone passing by your home. For more information on how Imagine Backyard Living can help you transform your front or backyard space into the environment of your dreams, contact one of our talented team members today.

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