The Benefits of Hot Tubbing In The Cold

Other than the sheer satisfaction that sitting in a hot tub surrounded by below-freezing temperatures can bring to all involved, submersing oneself in warm water during cold weather can be a very relaxing and health-inducing experience.

1. Good for the Body

The winter months bring with them all sorts of ailments that hot tubs can play a crucial role in helping to alleviate. Starting with the ubiquitous winter cold, soaking in hot water can help your body release toxins and the steam coming off of a hot tub is a great way to open up clogged sinuses offering relief from sneezes and sniffles.

For those of us with old muscle or joint injuries, the cold can also make those forgotten aches and pains flair up. A warm soak is a great way to loosen muscles and tightness and naturally provide relief. Hot tubs are also a great place to move your joints and muscles around in a safe and non-abrasive environment.

3. Good for the Mind

In many places across the country, the winter not only brings cold weather but it brings long periods of prolonged darkness that can begin to play badly on one’s mental health.

Hot tubs are great places during these long dark days to release your stresses and anxieties. Simple 20-minute soaks each night can have a seemingly miraculous effect on one’s worldview any time of year and that meditative quality is especially important when the mind needs it most.

4. Good for Relationships

Jut as everything is harder to do in the winter, maintaining close and warm connections with your loved ones can be tough when all you want to do is curl up in a ball in your bed and sleep through the winter.

Getting into the hot tub with your spouse or kids is a great way to connect person to person and enjoy the mental and physical benefits of a warm soak. You can play water games with the kids or just snuggle up with a glass of wine and some good tunes with your partner or spouse.

When enjoying time in the hot tub this winter, always remember to still follow basic water and hot tub safety. Never soak for more than 20-30 minute at a time and stay well hydrated before, during, and after you soak. Enjoy the warm water this winter!!!

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