Thanksgiving Outdoors?

This year, try something different and serve up your friends and family your traditional Thanksgiving meal with an unexpected twist: fresh air. Al fresco dining stimulates the appetite and is a fun way to maximize the use of your beautiful outdoor space. At Imagine Backyard Living, we bring together the best in outdoor living accessories and what better excuse to show of your amazing property than to host a stellar meal surrounding by your loved ones.
For tips on how to make the most of a Thanksgiving meal outdoors, here are the essentials from our professional staff:

  • Set Up Smart
    Putting your gorgeous outdoor kitchen to use is not only fun but is a great way to infuse your meal with a special memory. For staging your property to accommodate guests, we recommend setting up your dining table space with chairs in a comfortable spot that allows access to all of the features of your backyard while capitalizing on the sunshine for a November meal.
  • Stage Inside
    In order to keep the food hot and fresh, setting up a buffet station inside for the main items while making room for side items and garnishes on the table itself or nearby on your bar will allow you to concentrate on décor and other design elements and create a picture perfect table setting while ensuring warm food for your guests.
  • Heaters
    Heaters are a great and cozy addition to your patio space that allows you to control your climate to match your guest’s comfort needs. Plus, large heaters can help establish a fun, festive, and warm atmosphere!
  • Fireplaces & Pits
    Starting a fire is another cozy addition to any outdoor activity. Before guests arrive, stoking a fire can be the perfect collecting point for your guests once they wander to your outdoor space. It’s the perfect location where your guests can cuddle up with a drink and revel in the holiday spirit.

With the beautiful Arizona weather, Thanksgiving outdoors is a creative idea that allows you to make the most of your luxurious outdoor environment.

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