Taking Advantage of Arizona’s Winter Climate

As winter snowstorms pummel the rest of the country, sunny Arizona is a great place to take advantage of our relatively mild cold season. Yes, it’s true that we have cold days but oftentimes the fresh air and crisp view of the desert mountains are two of the most perfect reasons why you should head outdoors, bundle up a bit, and make the most of our chilly season.
At Imagine Backyard Living, we specialize in inspiring you to dream up, create, and achieve the outdoor space you’ve always wanted in your own backyard. From cozy fireplaces and fire pits to perfect outdoor entertaining areas, relaxing and rejuvenating Jacuzzi® hot tubs to patio heating solutions, whatever your needs are, Imagine Backyard Living can make them happen.
If you want to venture beyond the realm of your property however, here are some of Imagine Backyard Living’s staff member’s recommendations for making the most of winter in the Valley of the Sun!

  • Hit the Trails
    With an abundance of beautiful trails nearby, hiking is a great winter activity. Sport the appropriate gear and don’t forget sunscreen and water and head out to explore the wonders that the Arizona desert has to offer.
  • Tempe Town Lake
    Another great activity to reserve for a cold sunshine-filled day is to head to Tempe Town Lake and rent a small boat. A floating picnic is the perfect outdoor excursion to take in the sights of Tempe and spend a few hours on the water.
  • Biking Adventures
    As most trails are relatively flat, Phoenix and Scottsdale boast a wide range of cycling trails that connect through most of the city away from traffic. Rent a bicycle or meet up with a group for a nice weekend ride before heading back home and taking a long soak in your hot tub.
  • Hot Air Ballooning
    One of our favorite special winter treats is to take a unique adventure into the sky via a hot air balloon. The desert colors and vast open spaces unite together to make the most memorable balloon ride. The Valley is home to many different companies providing sunrise and sunset tours!

Of course, it is nice to get of the house every once in a while, if only for the excuse to return home from a nearby adventure and cozy up in your own backyard paradise.

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