Simple Backyard Makeover

Are you ready to take advantage of the space right outside your back door?  There are some really simple ways to spruce up that space so it quickly can become the favorite room in your home.
Focus on Seating
A backyard without comfortable and attractive seating options is never going to be used. Most large hardware stores these days carry inexpensive lawn furniture sets that can be as simple as a round metal table with matching chairs and cushions. Doll up a seating arrangement like this with tasteful potted plants as centerpieces. Think small succulents and cacti that require very little attention but look fresh and festive all year round.
Shade is Key
A lot of backyards, especially in new housing developments, tend to be large open spaces with very little shade. They are too new to have supported large shade trees or shrubs so you will likely need to bring in some reinforcements. Round lawn furniture sets are typically designed to accommodate large outdoor umbrellas that can be found in a number of colors and patterns to match your aesthetic. Umbrellas are a great way to make the outdoors more bearable, especially during the summer months, while providing a visual beacon of a comfortable and relaxing seating environment.
Include Games
No well-used backyard can exist without games and the sky’s the limit when considering options for our outdoor space. Bocce ball sets are durable and inexpensive and provide an activity that friends and family of all ages can participate in and enjoy. Horseshoe pits, although they do require some alteration of your landscaping, are a great way to bring a competitive element to your backyard gaming collection.
Whatever you come up with to make your backyard more welcoming and useful to you and your guests, remember that a little bit can go a long way. You do not have to spend a bunch of money re-hauling your entire backyard landscaping when sometimes, a simple mowing job, some new lawn chairs and cushions, and a great new grill will more than do the trick.

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