LaFuma Zero Gravity XL Chair - Black

Product number: LFM3096-6135


Be relaxed every time you're outside with the best recliner you'll find – a zero gravity recliner. These outdoor recliner chairs are designed to give you the most comfort everywhere you go. Fold it up to bring it with you to the kids' soccer game, or bring it camping so you've always got a comfortable seat around the fire. The clip suspension system keeps your chair adjusted to the perfect level and doesn't raise or lower even when you move around a lot. The ergonomic armrests are contoured so you can have maximum comfort and they remain stationary so it's easy to get up when your relaxation time has to end. The Batyline fabric lets you keep your favorite seat outdoors year round. It's designed to withstand everything the great outdoors has to offer and is suitable for both sub-zero and scorching temperatures. It also resists UV radiation and is treated so fungi such as mold and mildew won't be a problem. Care about the environment? Then you'll love this patio recliner chair even more. You won't find any kind of toxic substances. For the best comfort, your zero gravity chair comes with footpads, a footrest ring, and a headrest. All are adjustable and you can remove them for easy cleaning. Don't worry about wearing out your chair – the seat has a reinforced support system and a frame made of steel tubes so you can enjoy your favorite relaxation spot for years. The seat is also designed to stretch so you don't have to worry about unsightly sags. Even better, you'll find cleaning a breeze. A clip suspension system makes it easy to unclip and reattach the fabric. After a quick wash, it dries fast enough that you don't have to go without your chair for long.

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