Planning a Patio Party

This season, start things off right by hosting the perfect patio party for an occasion to celebrate the natural beauty of the desert and enjoy all that backyard entertaining has to offer. Here is what you need to consider when planning the perfect patio party:
After you’ve decided to hold a backyard bash, first items on deck to consider are exactly what type of party you want to have. Do you envision a cocktail party, a relaxed lounge session with drinks and sweets, more of an informal barbecue event, or a full on sit down evening meal? You will also need to factor in how many guests you anticipate extending invitations to and how you will inform them of your date and time. Speaking of date and time, once you set a calendar date, don’t forget to build in a bit of a buffer for guests to arrive and depart as their schedules allow.
Party Basics
To set the stage for a great party, consider the following:

  • Music
    Pick a selection of great tunes to match mood and ambiance of your soiree.
  • Lighting
    Speaking of mood, lighting your patio can really help to set the tone of your event. With many options on the market, you can include candles, paper bag lanterns, or a patio fire for excellent ambient light.
  • Seating
    Be sure to arrange for plenty of seating that enables your guests to mix, mingle, and relax comfortably for conversations throughout the evening. We recommend staging several areas for your guests to congregate in as your party happens, from a beginning bar area to a late-evening lounge. Think of unconventional ways for people to mix like tossing out a few blankets on the ground!
  • Temperature Control
    Ensure that fans to circulate air, misters to help cool off your patio, and shade is readily available to keep your guests comfortable regardless of temperature.
  • Décor
    This field is entirely up to you, but adding a little bit of umph to an occasion can take your party up a notch. Adding fresh flowers or linens to a tablescape can help add intentionality and beauty to your party.
  • Food and Drink
    By far the most important category, we recommend planning your menu out in advance and making it easy and delicious to execute. Don’t be shy about asking your guests to contribute one of their favorite dishes as it can help relieve you of the burden of providing all the accoutrements but also it can be a great way for guests to invest and feel a part of the party!

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