Making The Most of Your Mornings

At Imagine Backyard Living, we are all about turning your outdoor living space into a highly functioning environment that extends the livable space of your home. One way we like to make the most of our mornings is to head outside to enjoy fresh air, a beautiful, relaxing landscape, and to invite each new day in with these stellar tips:
Read Outside
Instead of rushing around with your smart phone in hand glancing at social media, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and spend this time simply sitting outdoors with a good book or newspaper. In the hustle and bustle of our society, these 15 minutes can nourish your mind and body.
Prep Your Coffee The Night Before
Before hitting the hay, set up your coffee or tea spread the night before. If you have a timer on your coffee-maker, program it to make your coffee just the way you like so it’s prepped and ready for you when you get out of bed. Caffeine is a great stimulant for your central nervous system and can help you start your mornings off on the right foot.
Take A Soak
Jumping into a hot tub or swim spa is an excellent way to start your day off. The heat can gently awaken your mind and body while helping sweep away any lingering feelings of sleepiness. What better way than to take a quick dip followed by a nice cup of coffee in your luxurious outdoor space before heading out for your day?
Breakfast In Your Outdoor Kitchen
Another excellent tradition to start is whipping up breakfast in your outdoor kitchen. From eggs to pancakes, whatever your normal breakfast foods, make them in your outdoor kitchen and skip the indoor environment in favor of cooking in fresh air.
At Imagine Backyard Living, we strive to help you make the most of your outdoor living environment. If you have a dream for your current property, allow our talented team to help bring it to fruition.

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