Imagine Backyard Living: Concept and Execution

As a company dedicated to helping people create beautiful and relaxing backyard living spaces that provide rich environments for socializing, entertaining, or relaxing, Imagine Backyard Living is proud to bring the best backyard living specialty providers together to achieve this goal. We provide a unique experience for each individual that walks through our showroom doors. As a way to facilitate real immersive interactive experiences with quality products, our IBL concepts intend for you to:

  1. Experience
    There’s nothing like actually seeing, touching, feeling, and experiencing a product first-hand to provide knowledge and foresight. Our showroom experience allows our clients to find inspiration through identifying what they want and the tools necessary to visualize their backyard like they never have before. By helping to articulate the entire process, from shopping to designing, building to installing, our belief is that everything is rooted in experience.
  2. Quality of Life
    Creating a space that encourages relaxation can drastically improve the quality of life. The varied benefits of a hot tub or other water feature, and calming outdoor space can nurture and unite physical, spiritual, and mental aspects to promote health and wellbeing.
  3. Outdoor Home
    Another key concept fundamental to Imagine Backyard Living’s mission is to extend the interior of a home to include the backyard space. By incorporating hot tub living as an integral and beautiful portion of a functional and usable backyard space, the power to harness a client’s home and lifestyle and create permeability between indoor and outdoor environments can truly allow for an extension of a client’s home to encompass and unite both traditional house and all available outdoor property.
  4. Partnerships
    Lastly, our established partnerships with the finest brands, contractors, and companies ensures not only a shopping, buying, and great ownership experience but also an exceptional experience that creates happy and satisfied customers.

From landscape design and installation, hot tubs, patio furnishings and accessories, outdoor kitchens and more, our experiential showroom provides a stunning retail experience where clients are invited to participate in visualizing and creating their perfect space.

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