Hydropool Custom Swim Spa Installations

If you are looking for inspiration for an upcoming swim spa installation or are in need visual motivation to convince that spouse or family member to get on board with the idea, look no further. We recently had the opportunity to photograph several amazing custom installations and are thrilled to share them with you.
Swim Spa - Imagine Backyard Living
This wooden deck installation provides the perfect combination of traditional and modern design. The clean lines and minimal landscaping surrounding the deck are the epitome of current design trends, while the building material brings a sense of stability and warmth that appeals to a more traditional sensibility.
The other great thing about this installation is how the new swim spa and deck are flawlessly incorporated into the existing deck and gazebo structure. Plus the additional deck and lounging space is created in the open air. This is the perfect example of a swim spa that is both functional and not without the entertainment value of a full-sized pool and entertaining area!
 Swim Spa 2 - Imagine Backyard Living
This cozy installation screams comfort. Everything from the warm stone and tile building material to the padded lawn furniture and the tabletop fire pit, all components are focused on comfort, rest, and relaxation. Positioning the swim spa at a higher level than the rest of the lounge area is also a great way to bring some visual diversity to the entire scene and enables loungers in the swim spa and loungers on the deck to interact in interesting ways.
Imagine Backyard Living Hot Tub Spa Jacuzzi Sundance 9 - Imagine Backyard Living
What we loved about this installation was the weight and the permanence of the design. The use of heavy flagstone and pavers as well as the continuation of the design theme across the entire yard including the large-scale fireplace gives this installation a uniquely regal quality that is often only found in large-scale pool designs.
 Swim Spa 3 - Imagine Backyard Living
This final installation is a wonderful example of how simple and easy a swim spa installation can be. While custom stone accents and water features are great, designing towards the functionality of the swim spa can be just as valuable, especially for the homeowner that is interested in use over cost. This design incorporates a simple synthetic wood decking into the out of the box trim of the swim spa and created something that looks clean and will maintain easily over time. As they say, sometimes less is more.
If this expose did not provide enough inspiration, please come down and visit our showroom and speak to one of our design specialists about swim spas.

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