How To Unwind

There are many different ways to unwind and let go after a particularly busy or hectic day but at Imagine Backyard Living, we find ourselves drawn to the quieter, more relaxing times spent in our own backyard retreat as the best remedy to the stressful world. Here are a few of our favorite ways to refresh ourselves when confronted with life’s daily grind.

Self Care

Nurturing yourself is important and can help remind you of your own self-worth. Whether a cup of hot tea, an extra-long soak in the Jacuzzi®, a scheduled massage, or a nice quiet walk along with your thoughts, taking proper measures to show yourself that you care is oftentimes overlooked as we provide care for those around us.


A good way to let tensions release is by keeping a short journal of the day’s events and any obstacles encountered. Something about the act of putting pen to paper works as therapeutic in re-centering and relaxing your mind.

Create Rituals

Whether reading for fifteen minutes before bed or catching up on the day’s news, doing something that is routine and established can help you move through the ritual of each day and set expectations for both your mind and body.

Catch Up

In person, or on the phone, conversing with a friend or family member is an excellent tool in feeling connected. Soaking together for 10 or 15 minutes every day in your own Jacuzzi® is the perfect way to catch up with family and friends


Known to boost your creativity, taking a daily walk in nature or around the block where you live can let your mind wander along with your feet! Besides burning calories, walking can help soothe tension and gets you out in the fresh air.

A Good Soak

Taking a long dip in your own Jacuzzi® not only totes many health benefits for your body but can also provide the perfect environment to release, refresh, and rejuvenate your mind and your spirit.


A short twenty-minute nap is an excellent way to hit the reset button. You want to be sure to keep the nap quick to maximize the benefits and avoid getting into too deep of a sleep which can be difficult to wake up from.


Finding a beautiful recipe and transforming it into a delicious meal is one of the best ways to unwind. With a little music on whatever the woes of the day will melt away as you follow the recipe in anticipation of creating a great dinner.
Whatever you choose, finding an intentional way to unwind is key to living an enjoyable life.  Come visit our experiential showroom to sample outdoor environments we work hard to design so you can live your life to its fullest!

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