How To Take Care of Your Grill the Right Way

As we head into the hot season here in Arizona it can only mean one thing, it’s grilling time! This year, set yourself up for foodie success by ensuring a clean grill to produce great tasting food cooked to perfection. Want to know how to properly care for your grill? Read on for the essential steps:
Grill Grate Maintenance
One of the first orders of grilling business after starting your fire is to clean the grill grate for a prepped food surface. No one wants to eat food that comes into contact with old grill meat so here’s what you need to do. Let the grill grate heat up with the new fire for about five minutes, then using a grill brush, firmly scrape and brush away any leftover food materials for a nice clean surface. (Note: it is worth investing in a long handled brush with firm bristles to do this job well!)
Oiling the Grate
Next order of business is to oil up the grill grate before adding food. To do this, use tongs and a towel that’s been dipped in olive oil. Spread across the grill grate lightly for a nice sheen. This step can help prevent foodstuffs sticking when cooking while also lending a great flavor to your meal.
Leaving Scraps
After you’ve grilled your food, instead of hopping to scrubbing off any leftover foodstuffs from the grates, we recommend leaving your grate dirty to cool off. The reason for this is that small pieces of food can actually help protect your grates between cooking sessions. Plus once you are ready to cook with a fresh fire, you can repeat the grill maintenance steps instead of cleaning your grates twice!
Deep Clean
About once a month, we also recommend a good deep cleaning of your grill. Take a rag and cleaner to the outside to spruce and shine up your grill. Then, hit the inside with a paper towel to clean up any excess ash or food that has fallen through the grates. Just remember that the inside of your grill isn’t supposed to sparkle and that it’s okay if it is black and seasoned!
Proper Storage
When you aren’t grilling up a storm in your backyard, it is also important to keep your grill covered when not in use. This can aid in lengthening the life and avoiding rust. A little bit of proper grill maintenance can go a long way! Now get out there and enjoy!

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