How a Swim Spa Can Help you Take Charge of your Health

Getting to the all-illusive gym can be difficult. Between fulfilling work and home duties, finding the proper time to make it to an actual gym just seems to fall off of the to-do list. At Imagine Backyard Living, we strive to set you up for success through ways to enjoy yourself and help achieve a balanced indoor/outdoor atmosphere so you can exercise, unwind, and relax after a busy day right in your own home.

When it comes to getting exercise in, we know all too well how important it is to your overall mind and body. Imagine enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub while getting in a healthy amount of exercise, all in the comfort of your very own backyard! With a swim spa, this scenario is no longer too good to be true.

Swim spas are a growing category of a hybridized pool system that unites portions of a traditional residential pool with that of a hot tub. Utilizing commercial-grade, energy-efficient pumps to create a strong current, a swim spa provides a larger pool experience in a small pool space enabling you to reap the many rewards. Here are several top reasons why installing one of these innovative swim solutions can help set you on the right path to wellness:

Non-Impact Exercise

Water provides a unique environment conducive to maximizing the benefits of exercise while doing less harm to your body. Through the buoyancy, resistance, and cooling effects that an environment of water provides, you can improve your fitness while reducing the impact and toll that gravity has on your body during different forms of activities.

Endorphin Production

Exercise is one of the key components in producing feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin so you can feel your best by blasting through the work/life stress that can deplete your sources of energy. Other positive health effects include reducing the impact of gravity on the body and boosting blood flow for better oxygenation of your system.

Pain Relief

Another reason why a swim spa can help you take charge of your health is that it can provide much needed pain relief. Whether from a poor sleeping position, a work injury or strain, bad posture, or something else, swimming against a strong warm current can help work out muscle tension, knots, and soreness from your whole body.

Weight Loss

Last but not least, installing a convenient swim spa can help you achieve your exercise goals through enjoyable means and this oftentimes means weight loss. Working out in a pool applies resistance to your muscles and enables you to burn more calories resulting in quicker results.

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