Hot for Health

At Imagine Backyard Living, we are all about the healthy lifestyle benefits that come from hot tub ownership. Beyond just relaxation and enjoyment, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional environments that integrate seamlessly with your routines. Recently, we came across a study that we just had to share. In essence, taking a long soak in a hot tub impacts your health approximately the same as taking a brisk thirty-minute walk each day. Here’s more!

Researchers at Loughborough University crafted a study testing fourteen different males. Half of the participants spent 60 minutes on a bicycle while the other half spent the same amount of time in a hot water bath. While the participants that spent an hour on the bicycle burned more calories, those that were subjected to 104-degree water burned about 130 calories apiece, or in other words, the same number of calories as if they went on a brisk 30-minute walk.

Lo and behold, taking a relaxing soak is good for your health in a different way than anticipated. Beyond helping your body to speed recovery from injuries, relieving any muscle soreness or stiffness, opening blood vessels, removing lactic acid, and promoting the flow of endorphins, a good soak also burns calories!

This is great news for Imagine Backyard Living clients. If you’ve always wanted to transform your backyard space into your own personal oasis, now you have more motivation. Our talented team is standing by to help you bring your dreams to fruition and hop to when it comes to perfecting the end of the day renewal routines – like a long, relaxing soak. What are you waiting for?

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