Going Green: The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Living in the Arizona desert, it is no mystery that water is a premium to our geographic location. Help yourself navigate the harsh elements and water shortages hassle-free by considering synthetic turf as an alternative to growing and maintaining a lush lawn in these arid conditions.
Artificial grass is a newer option to the backyard industry that allows all of the beauty of natural greenery with almost zero the upkeep and maintenance. Plus, the fact that it never needs to be watered is a major help to water conservation Faux grass has evolved into more realistic and natural looking options that have moved beyond the golf courses and sports fields that so many of us are familiar with.
Prime Areas
When considering if artificial grass would be a good fit for your backyard space, several excellent matches to the many benefits synthetic green boast are as follows:

  • Inhospitable Yard
    Whether too much direct sunlight and exposure, or no proper watering system, trying to maintain green grass can be difficult. If you can’t seem to keep your grass alive, turf may be the answer you’ve been looking for.
  • Reducing Maintenance
    As previously mentioned, alternative turf grasses require much less maintenance including no mowing, edging, trimming or watering. Not to mention, that keeping a consistent color is easy and you’ll have no need for either fertilizers or other pesticides.
  • Play Space
    Another great place for synthetic greenery is in any play space for kids or pets. As the perfect place to host a picnic or set up a fort, a unique grassy area can create an atmospheric environment for each member of your family to enjoy.

Synthetic Grass
Synthetic grass is made up of nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene that is colored to look like a variety of natural grass species. Created by filaments being threaded into a backing that allows for drainage, when installed this grass layer in placed over a drainage layer of compacted gravel.
If you are interested in making the switch to artificial grass, talk to one of our professional staff members at our experiential showroom for more information!

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