What makes Sundance® Spas and Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs better than their competitors?

What about that third pump that mass merchants advertise? It is not a water pump, but an air blower. When turned on, this air blower will blow cooler than the water temperature air out of the blower jets out at your, similarly to a hairdryer. And we checked, and hair dryers don’t help with hydrotherapy. They also end up counting these air jets in their total jet count on the spa. Mass merchants are also deceitful with the sizes of their jets. They put bigger jet faces on small jets to make them look like big jets with high amounts of water flow. Essentially, you are not getting any jet variation in terms of pressure and water flow in the spa, when they trick you into thinking that you are. Costco uses Styrofoam in the frames of their spas. The same Styrofoam that you drink out of and the same Styrofoam that is ravaging our environment.

Does that seem like good support for thousands of pounds of water? Mass merchant spas also use perimeter insulation systems. They’re not really insulating the actual spa acrylic that you sit in, they’re just using thicker panels on the spa. Sounds fine, right? Wrong. This perimeter insulation insulates everything “under the hood.” Including your jet pumps and heater. Which can cause them to overheat. And break. And need to be replaced to get your spa working again. Isn’t the whole point of getting a spa to relax and forget about your stressors in life and not actually be a stressor in itself? Still, if you are set on buying a tub from a mass merchant, we recommend Costco, because they will take the product back after you realize need a Jacuzzi Hot Tub.