Designing with a View in Mind

Designing an ideal backyard environment should always consider the surrounding landscape. This doesn’t mean just the types of materials selected for projects to match or complement the landscape but also capitalizing on desirable views. At Imagine Backyard Living, we have had the unique opportunity to work on projects with some of the most beautiful areas of the state and would like to showcase a few unique examples that design with a view in mind.

The pool and spa combo above, built into the side of a hill, used a terraced design that incorporates the topography into the design itself. The vanishing edge of the pool overlooking the sunlit view of the surrounding hills gives the impression of a seamless connection with the landscape resulting in the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

This next design provides as broad of a view of the surrounding hills as possible. Rather than terracing the spa in line with the slope of the hill, this design was built upwards to create an elevated platform for a higher vantage point forcing the spa to become the primary lookout point on the property

This final design was less about creating one specific lookout point and more about providing a beautiful view beneath the palm groves. The long arched countertops curve, complementing the shape of the trees and inviting the viewer to participate in the landscape. Additional seating options placed around the grounds complete the oasis-like concept.

These are just a few of the projects we have executed that highlight the landscaping features into a complete backyard design. For more ideas and inspiration, visit our showroom and talk to a design expert about your unique property.

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