Connecting Your Indoors to Your Outdoors

At Imagine Backyard Living, we believe that creating fluidity between your indoor and outdoor space can help enhance your experience of home by encouraging flow between these typically distinct spaces. Here are several great methods for promoting a strong connection:

  • Sliding Doors
    Large sliding doors can open up an entire side of your home. When strategically placed off of the kitchen or living area, this can significantly alter your daily life. By creating a connection between your outside environment and inside environment, light, air, and energy is free to move which in turn can make your house feel more spacious and open.
  • Covered Porches
    The perfect destination for morning rituals, evening de-stress sessions, or entertaining friends and family, a covered porch or patio is a great place to spend quality time outdoors while boasting the benefits of shelter from the elements.
  • Outdoor Bathroom
    Taking the luxury amenities available inside your home into an outdoor space takes a keen eye but the payoff is tremendous. Along a narrow wall of your house or small nook outdoors, consider the added benefits of a beautiful outdoor bathroom complete with a shower or bath.
  • Fire Pits or Fireplaces
    A breezeway is a great place to situate an elegant fire pit or fireplace complete with fine outdoor furnishings to encourage warmth and comfort in an outdoor living room. The perfect location to snuggle up with a book or sit with your spouse, an outdoor living room grants you the opportunity to unplug and pay attention to what really matters in life!

Develop your own unique lifestyle by surrounding yourself with the right environment that’s conducive to enjoying everything life has to offer. Imagine Backyard Living is standing by to help you unite your indoor and outdoor spaces to maximize your happiness!

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