Benefits of Using Your Spa All Winter

For those who love the hydrotherapy of Jacuzzi® during the winter months know this, you are absolutely on to something. Regularly using a hot tub at any time of the year has a myriad of mind and body benefits, but wintertime use might be the most beneficial due to the stark juxtaposition between the outside temperatures and the activity itself. In case you need some additional encouragement to keep your hot tub open and active all winter though, here are a few key benefits.
Relieve Holiday Stress
The winter holidays are a wonderful time of year but they can often be stressful and overwhelming in ways that can test your anxiety levels. Whether it’s hosting family or the financial pressure of spending money on presents, there is plenty to stress you out. Hot Tubs are a great way to soothe away stress at the end of a long winter day and immediately calm your mind, body and spirit.
Winter Cold Relief
Especially for those with children, the winter always brings several rounds of the sneezes and the sniffles. On top of whatever your doctor prescribes, sitting in a hot tub can do wonders for clearing clogged sinuses and soothing the aches and pains of winter. Be careful not to use a hot tub if you are on medication as the combination can make you light headed or woozy.
Enjoy the Winter Sky
Some people don’t actually need much of a reason to enjoy a spa in the wintertime other than as an excuse to experience the uniquely beautiful winter skies of the American Southwest. The dry cool weather tends to push every possible cloud out of the way and can open up  nighttime views that are enhanced by a hot soak and maybe even an adult beverage.

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