Backyard Meditation

Mediation is a time-tested way to realign your mind and body through solitary reflection. Methods vary considerably depending on belief systems or geographic locations but the basic essentials are typically the same: find a quiet peaceful place and let your mind relax and wander freely.
While a variety of schools and studios offer guided mediation as a means of developing a deep personal practice, the benefits of momentary peaceful solitude can be achieved in the comfort of your home, or rather the comfort of your backyard. Here are a few ideas for creating a backyard environment that is both recreational and meditative.
Use Those Water Features
The sound of water gently falling is a wonderful way to help focus your mind on audible patterns that lead to relaxation and release. If you are considering adding a small brook or pond to your backyard garden, think about designing some comfortable seating nearby so that you can take advantage of both the sounds and the visuals. The same can be said for a spa. While getting inside a bubbly warm tub can be relaxing on its own, consider using the sounds of the spa to accompany a peaceful mediation session. This is a benefit of a backyard water feature that you can enjoy all year, regardless of the weather.
Imagine this start to your evening: Arrive home eagerly, shed your days worries and slip into your own hot tub. After lingering a few minutes in the warm water, having your muscles and joints massaged with hydrotherapeutic jetting systems, physical, mental and emotional relaxation takes hold. You put the demands and stressed of the day behind and become calm and relaxed for the evening ahead. This is a brief picture of how soaking in a hot tub will provide health and wellness balance to our daily lives.
Plants Matter
When you are deciding on which types of plants to add to your backyard landscaping, consider going with native, semi fragrant annuals that tend to flower beautifully and attract interesting and peaceful wildlife like butterflies and hummingbirds. Red Yucca is a marvelous plant, native to the American Southwest, which puts on beautiful red flowers in the summer and attracts flocks of hummingbirds. Watching a graceful hummingbird flit and flitter from one flower to the next can be a wonderful way to tune out the sounds and worries of the world and enter a relaxing meditative state.
Comfort is Key
Creating a comfortable seating area is essential to establishing your backyard as a suitable meditation space. Choose soft earthy tones and plant-based materials when selecting patio furniture, as they will be less likely to distract your senses. Soft cushions and pillows are always a wonderful way to ensure that your backyard living space is an appealing environment.
The backyard can have so many functions that benefit and enrich you and your family’s lives no matter the time of year. Add mediation to the list of ways you enjoy your backyard and discover an entirely new side of your home that you will appreciate for years to come.

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