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Aquatic Workouts

There are many positive lifestyle benefits that stem from hot tub ownership. First and foremost, the relaxation and enjoyment derived from a good soak and second, the boon to health and wellness.

From a physiotherapy standpoint, a Jacuzzi® is in fact the perfect spot for regular exercise. As a low impact environment, water provides a great way for individuals to combine the therapeutic benefits of water with regular exercise. Here are a few key ways to capitalize on a water-based exercise routine:

  1. Water Aerobics
    Cardio focused moves such as water aerobics offer a way to work with water’s natural resistance will still getting your heart rate up. For a hot tub, consider sitting on the edge of the seat and pedaling as if you were riding an underwater bicycle. Keep both legs under water and alternate speeds for rounds to customize your workout.
  2. Lower Body
    Both leg and hip lifts can be performed in a hot tub to help strengthen your lower body. To do so, stand in your spa and lean against the wall for support. Then, gently extend your leg out to the side and bring your knee up to your chest and back out. Repeat these movements to improve balance, build supportive back muscles and to mitigate the risk of injury.
  3. Upper Body
    You can alway mix up your upper body routine by adding in light weights or doing arm circles from a standing position. Depending on your target area and the size of your hot tub, you can build shoulder and tricep muscles by performing arm circles and extensions empty handed or with light weights. Customize according to your needs.

Water can be a great way to help your muscles before and after a workout. After a few minutes of soaking, conduct a few stretches in the hot water to keep your body limber and flexible.