Pool & Spa Service

Imagine Backyard Living has partnered with Blue Water® Chemical Company to provide you the finest in ongoing maintenance and care for your new hot tub or your existing pool. One of the most exciting advantages of our customers maintaining the Blue Water® bi-monthly is service is we guarantee your spa will have a trade in value when you are ready for an upgrade or new model.

Presented by Blue Water® Pool Chemical Company

For nearly 40 years, Blue Water® Pool Chemical Company has been one of the most respected providers of pool and hot tub cleaning and chemical services in the Valley. The company services several thousand pools and spas throughout metro Phoenix, and will ensure your new Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Sundance® Spa from Imagine Backyard Living is always ready for your enjoyment.

Types of Service:

Complete Spa Service: Includes chemicals, filter cleaning, UV bulb changes, brush, skim and vacuum if needed.

Equipment Inspection Check: We will inspect your equipment at each service to be sure its running at peak efficiency and will take of any issues immediately with our factory certified technician.

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