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Bring On the Relaxation!

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than a soak in a tub hot to help you relax and unwind. Did you know though that there’s actually substantial scientific evidence to back-up the idea that hot water immersion has many positive impacts on the mind and body?

Here’s how it works:
Your central nervous system responds to both its physical and emotional environments daily.  From sitting in traffic on the way to work, to your busy day at work, your normal exercise routines, playing golf or taking the dog on a walk with a cup of coffee, everything you do is channeled through your central nervous system.

The central nervous system is designed to help you navigate the world and specifically the stresses that the world provides us sometimes in large doses. It sends signals to your body to help you negotiate stressful situations the same as it does in the triggering of the fight or flight reflex. Here are some examples of how your system alerts and prepares your body for stress:

-Increases heart rate
-Boosts breath rate to allow more oxygen to reach the blood
-Alerts body to produce adrenaline

Once an immediate threat is pacified, your central nervous system also does the work to help you unwind. By soaking in a hot tub, the hot water immersion helps support your central nervous system, decreasing your stress levels and facilitating relaxation quicker than without. Through this release, your body increases its serotonin and dopamine levels that can aid in boosting your central nervous system’s parasympathetic response.

If you suffer from:

-Anxiety and stress

-Pain, fatigue or exhaustion

-Experience difficulties focusing or sleeping
-Lack of energy

-Inflexibility or poor range of motion


Hot water may be key to help reducing the unhealthy ways you cope with what life throws your way. Build your quality of life by allowing yourself a healthy alternative to aid in healing and relaxation with the luxurious retreat of your own hot tub. It will be the best, most relaxing 10 or 15 minutes you have everyday.

At Imagine Backyard Living, we invite you to come stop by our experiential show room to see how adding a hot tub to your life could help you relax, unwind, and bring on a host of positive health benefits for both your mind and body.